How to Raise Your ASVAB GT Score

Oct 21 / ASVAB Tutors Anderson Duran and Arsheena Mohamed
Whether you're aiming to start your military career or looking to get promoted, understanding the GT ASVAB military test is important if you want to raise your score. 

This ASVAB GT study guide will break down the three most important things you need to know about raising your ASVAB GT score:

If you’re tired of test anxiety, and guessing while hoping for the best, then keep reading so you can #AceTheASVAB and get the job you deserve.

Let’s get to it!
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What is the GT Score on ASVAB tests?

First of all, what does GT mean on the ASVAB? GT is the acronym to represent the collection of subtests that make up your General Technical ASVAB score.

How does the Army Calculate GT Score results?

What makes up the GT score on the ASVAB? Your GT score on ASVAB tests is the sum of of three ASVAB score results:

  • ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning - tests how well you can manage ASVAB Math Word Problems
  • ASVAB Word Knowledge - tests the strength of your vocabulary
  • ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension - tests your ability to read and understand information

If you've taken the ASVAB and have a low ASVAB GT score, you will probably need to improve your score in one, two, or all three of these areas of your ASVAB test.

ASVAB General Technical

What is a Good GT Score ASVAB recruits should aim for?

There isn't a max GT score ASVAB test-takers need to worry about. A "good" ASVAB GT score really depends on the job you want.

Most military jobs that use General Technical ASVAB test results to qualify candidates are typically not looking for the highest GT score on ASVAB tests. Instead, they are looking for a specific score that may range between ASVAB GT score 83 and ASVAB GT score 110.

What specific ASVAB GT score do you need? Google it!

Search: [branch] + [job] + "ASVAB score”

Type in the branch you're planning on joining along with the job you want and the phrase "ASVAB score" to see the ASVAB GT score needed for that job.

And because things are always changing and being updated, make sure to confirm your findings with your recruiter. They’ll have the most up-to-date information for you regarding ASVAB GT scores.

Remember: Recruiters love prepared applicants. Reaching out because you want to be informed is something most recruiters appreciate. They will be more than happy to provide you with the most up-to-date GT Score ASVAB jobs require. 

ASVAB General Technical Practice Test

How to Get a High GT Score on ASVAB tests?

Now that you know the three subtests that make up your GT ASVAB score — Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, and Paragraph Comprehension — you're going to need resources to help you raise your score for each of those ASVAB subtests individually. 

Below are three ways you can reach your ASVAB GT score max. Click the links to learn more about each resource:

  1. Free ASVAB GT Study Guide for Each Subtest
  2. Free ASVAB Online Classes and ASVAB GT Practice Test
  3. Affordable ASVAB Program 

FREE ASVAB GT Practice Test with Video Answer Key + Free Online ASVAB Classes

Looking for ASVAB GT practice questions? Register for this FREE ASVAB practice test to get started. It includes ASVAB GT practice for each General Technical ASVAB test as well as the AFQT subtests too. Not only do you get to watch video solutions to learn from every mistake, but it also includes automatic registration to a free online weekly ASVAB class! Register below: 
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All-Access ASVAB Program

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When it comes to studying the right way, the All-Access ASVAB Program includes everything you need to watch, practice, and master your ASVAB GT study sessions. The program includes access to ALL the classes including ASVAB Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension. And you'll have plenty of ASVAB GT questions to practice with in your Dashboards and Bootcamps! It’s how our students raise their scores and get the jobs they want. Click here to see the full program. 
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Conclusion - What Next?

So that's the complete guide to raising your ASVAB General Technical score.

We went over:  
  • What does GT mean on ASVAB test?
  • How to calculate ASVAB GT score results?
  • How to get a good GT score on the ASVAB for the job you want
  • How to Improve ASVAB GT Score results

The ASVAB GT section isn’t confusing. It’s what you’ve already been doing — Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, and Paragraph Comprehension. 

A good GT score is relative to what job you want. Use Google or ask your recruiter for the most up-to-date information regarding ASVAB GT score requirements.

Raising your score is as simple as using the resources already listed in this ASVAB General Technical study guide. 

With all that said, do you know how to calculate your ASVAB GT score?
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