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General Questions

What is a Bootcamp Course?

A bootcamp course specifically covers an ASVAB subject. In it, you go through practice and get to watch video solutions to boost your confidence. You can find the ASVAB Math Bootcamp here

What is a Practice Pack?

A practice pack is like doing a test review for the AFQT with the bonus of watching video solutions to the AR, MK, and PC practice questions. Each one covers 55 practice questions. Learn more here

What free help do you offer?

We have plenty of free resources so anyone can start learning immediately. Our YouTube channel, Instagram page, and free practice test + group classes make a great starting impact for anyone preparing for the ASVAB. 

What discounts do you offer?  

We love keeping our resources affordable. On top of that, you can save over 50% on the All-Access Package by paying for the year.

Group Tutoring FAQ

How many classes can I go to? When are Group Tutoring Classes? 

You can find the calendar for this month's group tutoring session here. Bookmark the page so you never lose it! 

Typically 3 classes per week. One of them is a free 1 hour class. The other classes are 2 hours and for students in the Group Tutoring Pass

How can I sign up for group tutoring?

Click here for a free class. 
Click here for all classes + recordings and more. 

What are my payment options for the Group Tutoring Pass?

You have two options: Monthly Subscription or Year Package

Pay per month for 12 classes and recordings. Bonus course with AFQT lessons included. 

Save over 50% and get a whole year of classes (144+). Recordings and bonus course with AFQT lessons included. 

I passed! How do I cancel my subscription? 

To cancel your subscription, log in to your account and go here. You can also click "My Account" after you log in.

You will see your subscription that you can change or cancel. 

What's the difference between monthly and yearly Group Tutoring?

Just how much you save! You get the same classes, recordings, and notes, the only difference is you save even more by paying for the year. 

How long are the classes?

The free class of the week is 1 hour. The classes for Group Tutoring Pass students are 2 hours long, going over more practice problems and more focused. 

Where are the classes held? 

Classes are usually held online using the Zoom app. You can download it on your PC, laptop, or smartphone. 

How do I watch the recordings of the classes?

All classes are recorded and made available the Monday after it is held. If you are in the Group Tutoring Pass, you can log in here and start watching from over 100 recorded classes! 

How does Group Tutoring Work?

Group Tutoring classes are held online. In each session, we focus on specific topics from the AFQT (AR, MK, WK, and PC) and go through important notes, plenty of practice, and walkthroughs. 

Do I have to use the camera and microphone in the sessions?

Nope! It's optional. A lot of students prefer to stick to the chat box. But it's well-known that the more you participate, the more of an impact the classes have on raising your score! 

Courses FAQ

How long do I have access to my course for? 

Most courses give you access between 2 and 3 months. 

My course is about to expire and I need to use it a little longer. Can you extend my access?

Of course. If you're using the resource and ask for an extension, it is very likely that you will get one. Just message Anderson, your ASVAB Coach. 

How do I access my courses? 

You can find your courses by signing into your account. Once you sign in, scroll down to "My Courses" to continue learning!
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