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Brea R.
All-Access Student
June 2021
❗❗❗Its official❗❗❗ I swore into the US. Air Force❗❗❗ YEEERRRR 6 months ago I went to MEPS and got a 34 on my ASVAB, my recruiter didn't want me to swear in believing that I could get a better score. For someone being out of school for 7 yrs now and have been heavily invested within the working world going 7 days a week I was so blessed to bump into Anderson Duran! I personally was aiming for a 51 when I returned to redo the test. Today I am so ecstatic to say I ended up getting a 70 instead a whole 36 point jump! Mr. Duran (Coach) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You have no idea how grateful I am for you. To actually be someone that got my back, and took the time to explain math to a person that hated it for so long and can now say I comprehend mathematics!!! Thank you❤ #AceTheASVAB
Angel L.
Google Review
Nov 2021
I just wanted to thank Duran Learning for helping me out to achieve one of my main goals. When I first enlisted, I didn’t care too much about my scores but now that I’m reclassing I know the importance of it. It had been a while since I last practice math and arithmetic in college, so I had forgot most of it. I took my test today (WEB-AFCT) and was pretty confident about it, knowing that the online classes taken would really pay off. RECOMMENDED! 100% YERRR!!!
Roxanne C.
All-Access Student
Nov 2021
I just like to share my experience with duran learning! 2 months ago I was speechless, overwhelmed and I couldn't believe that I finally pass the ASVAB test! I honestly took it 6 times!! it was devastating but I don't want to just give up on it! I tried a lot of resources to study! the last resource that I found was the best resource I ever had! that is Duran Learning!! Thanks a lot to Sir. Duran Anderson the best coach!! he will help you to grow in each and every problems. time and effort is really important! seriously study.
Jhazeray D.
All-Access Student
May 2021
I graduated from bootcamp May 13th! I studied consistently with Anderson for four months! After failing 7+ times prior to and giving up for an year, and I finally ripped the bandage off and went from a 24 to an 82! I knew I wanted to be in the military and after failing time after time I felt maybe it wasn't for me, though it was really about timing. Trust your timing. I've overcome that battle to meet a new one bootcamp. I fought having shin splints prior to, because the run is serious and will hold you back. I give all thanks to Anderson's life coaching skills and classes! He really helped me start my dream career! If you guys have any questions I'll be happy to answer. I'm a navy sailor btw 🙂 HOO YAH
Olivia P.
All-Access Student
April 2021
Hey guys! I went to MEPS for a second time yesterday and my score went from a 48 to a 72! I still obviously have to take a confirmation test but I thought I would give you all an update! I miss you all so much ❤️ And you all can do this 😊
Wendy J.
All-Access Student
Jan 2021
To anyone in this group, who have gone to take the ASVAB and didn’t pass, please don’t be discouraged or disappointed. Your girl right here,took the test five times. I almost gave up and there came Anderson Duran to save the day and my life . Guess who passed the ASVAB me. We did it!!! I passed the ASVAB
Icee B.