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"Anderson Duran is always there when you need help studying. His weekly zoom meetings are so helpful and its amazing how the problems seem so easy once he explains how to work it out correctly. I would recommend his classes over anything else."
Andesha M. 
"I had a monkey on my back about pulling my ASVAB score up. One month I was able to do that with Duran learning."
Jeremy B.
"I took my ASVAB and passed! I was the most worried about math, (let’s be real, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in school and done any kind of algebra since) Anderson is an excellent teacher! I learned not to worry about verbiage and how to look for the question. He broke it down and made it easy to understand. Thanks again Anderson! I definitely feel more confident in my math skills!"
Laura H. 
"I just passed the ASVAB! After only a month of Duran Learning I went up 33 POINTS from my first test! Thank you Anderson Duran! He is the real deal"
Keri G.
"I passed my ASVAB with an 82! Ya'll I've been working so hard studying for 4 months. This was my dream since 2017. From failing back to back scoring 20s to an 82! Big thanks to Anderson for keeping faith in me, don't know what I would've done without joining his class.... seriously. STUDY!"
Jhazeray D.
"I love this guy and his way of teachings. I never had a teacher in my life that literally sits down and teaches you how to solve a math problem step by step and if you don’t get it, he’ll explain it again... I finally passed the ASVAB today."
Alex D. 
"Passed with an 80. Thank you sooo much for the help!"
Corey M. 
"Ever since I started getting tutoring from Duran my confidence has sky rocketed! I’ve learned so much in such little time! He’s a great teacher. And he also gives great advice beyond the Asvab that is VERY helpful. I highly recommend. Wish I would’ve found him sooner!"
Jurnee T. 
"I would recommend Duran Learning to anyone who wants to pass the ASVAB or even get more confident in math for the future! You know you are enjoying the class when you look forward to it every week."
Cathy R. 

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