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How We Raise Your Score


Clear the confusion by attending live classes (3x weekly), watching the recordings, and get bonus access to over 170 recorded AFQT lessons, organized for you and ready to go. 


Build your confidence with test-level practice and step-by-step walkthroughs. Raise your score 2x as fast with video solutions for all math practice!


Acquire the study habits and test-taking strategies needed to score your best on test day. Your ASVAB Coach is available to answer any questions you're having trouble with. 

What our learners say

I went from my first practice test being a 26 to a 92! Thank you you're the real MVP! 
Dianne G. 
I just passed the ASVAB! After only a month of Duran Learning I went up 33 POINTS from my first test! Thank you Anderson Duran ! He is the real deal👍🏼
Keri G.
I have OFFICIALLY PASSED MY ASVAB, came from a 21 to a 48. I would like to give a HUGE Shoutout to Anderson Duran for never giving up on his students. I will be completely honest if I didn’t find Anderson I wouldn’t know where I would be or what I would be doing. Coach Duran gave me so much confidence in myself every time we go through topics and questions through each sections. I was so close to giving up because I tried so hard to pass and study everyday. All I have to say is NEVER GIVE UP and HAVE FAITH 💯 Thanks again Coach!!!!
Janay R. 
Thank you Anderson Duran for helping me pass the ASVAB! I went to MEPS yesterday and finally scored high enough for the job I want. I couldn’t have done it with out you! The PiCAT kicked me into the full asvab and I was so worried but all the studying paid off. 
I couldn’t recommend Mr. Duran's classes enough. Thank you thank you🙏🏽🙏🏽
Danielle G.
I did it! I got an 88!!!! Thank you to Anderson Duran and everyone that helped me out! 
Jenna V. 
Shipping out for bootcamp on January 7th. Again thank you everyone for helping me out. And thank you Anderson for your help as well, all of your tutoring videos are very helpful and thank you for encouraging us! I really appreciate it🙏🏼
Lau R. 

All-Access Pass:
What's Included

All Courses and Resources Included with the ASVAB All-Access Pass:
(Don't worry, you aren't paying anywhere close to this)
  • Group Tutoring Pass (value: $420)
  • Math Bootcamp (value: $75)
  • Word Knowledge Bootcamp (value: $60)
  • Paragraph Comprehension Bootcamp (value: $60)
  • 3 ASVAB Practice Packs (value: $60)
  • AR/MK Practice Tests (value: $20)
  • BONUS: Get Access to New Courses + Updates for FREE
  • BONUS: ASVAB Coach Support
  • TOTAL VALUE (If Purchased Separately): $695
    With this package:
    $247 for the year or $47/month 

Take the Confusion Out of Studying

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What Do I Get?

Group Tutoring

1 year of group tutoring, giving you 144 classes to look forward to and hundreds of recordings to watch in between. 

Math + Word Knowledge + Paragraph Comprehension Bootcamp

Practice specific math topics and watch video solutions to grow your confidence one problem at a time. Learn Word Knowledge in a way that you can understand instead of just "memorizing!"

Practice Packs

Refresh and prepare for test day with a self-paced practice test. Includes AR, MK, WK, and PC practice with video solutions. 

AR | MK Practice Test

Take a timed practice test and then watch solutions to all the problems to understand what your next math move should be. 

Priority Support

Getting the All-Access Bundle means you can contact your ASVAB Coach whenever you need him; he's got your back. 

And Even More...

When we add another course to the website, you'll get it for free. Just another benefit of the All-Access Pass. 

Have any questions?

Frequently asked questions

When are the classes held? 

What does "Coach Support" mean?

Anderson is available to answer your questions during and between classes. You can always reach out to him to get help with: 
  • Practice questions
  • Study Strategies and Tips
  • Understanding Your ASVAB Scores
  • Getting Information on Jobs and Score Requirements
  • Communicating with Your Recruiter
  • and more! All you have to do is ask 💪🏾 

How long should I study for? 

Typically, students get the ASVAB score they want within 2 - 4 months of proper practice. 
Have any questions? 

Get in touch with Anderson, your ASVAB Coach. 

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