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Stay organized and confident in each online ASVAB course in the full ASVAB program.

Learn How to Study For the ASVAB

Study for the ASVAB with the All-Access ASVAB Program. It was designed to make ASVAB studying less stressful so you can lower test anxiety and raise your confidence. 

It's the best way to study for the ASVAB because you don't have to worry about what to study for the ASVAB or how to study ASVAB topics. Here's the plan: 

1️⃣ Watch
  • Watch an ASVAB tutor online teach in fun live classes
  • Conveniently watch the full ASVAB study class recordings anytime (400+ past recordings available on-demand) 

2️⃣ Practice
  • Build your confidence with Guided Practice Videos and Worksheets in each ASVAB online course in the program
  • Learn from every mistake with over 15,000 practice test problems and video solutions in our ASVAB prep courses

3️⃣ Master
  • Build speed and confidence with speed drills for every ASVAB math concept
  • Get test-ready with ASVAB Practice Tests and video walkthroughs 

Continue reading below to learn how the classes, courses, and study guides work. 

Your ASVAB Program Features

Here's the short version. Keep scrolling or click an icon for full details.

Live Classes 3 Days/Week

Each Class is 2 Hours Long

Classes Recorded and On-Demand

400+ Recordings Available

Ask Questions in Live Classes

Timed Practice in Live Classes

Live Classes Focus on One Topic

Courses for AR, MK, PC, WK, and GS

Math Basics Course

Progress Dashboard for Courses

Over 15,000 Practice Questions

Video Solutions to Math Problems

Step-By-Step Solutions for Math

Feedback Available for PC, WK, and GS

Guided Practice Videos for Math

Printable Worksheets for Math

Flashcard Sets for Math Courses

Practice Tests

Classes Align with Course Material

Daily Emails and Texts with Tips

Text Coach Anderson for Support

Coach Anderson is Your Mentor

Coach Anderson has a Master's Degree

Coach Anderson has 10 Years of Teaching Experience

Weekly ASVAB Classes Online

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No one tutors ASVAB subjects like us: with passion and excitement for your success!

Interactive Classes (Zoom)

  • ASVAB Online Group Tutoring
  • 3 days a week
  • 2 hours each (6pm - 8pm Eastern)
  • Camera and mic are optional

Specific ASVAB Subtest Practice

Join Arithmetic Reasoning, Math Knowledge, Word Knowledge, and Paragraph Comprehension ASVAB online tutoring classes. 

Understand the concepts instead of memorizing ASVAB practice test questions and hoping they'll be on the test.
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Recorded For You

Don't worry about missing classes. Watch the recording the next day so you don't miss any part of your ASVAB test prep.

Lesson Library

Get bonus access to every class ever taught by the best ASVAB tutor for each subtest. Raise your score anytime, anywhere with over 350 recordings  organized by topic. 

An ASVAB Tutor Who’s Got Your Back

More than ASVAB tutors, our ASVAB Coaches are here to support you all the way until you pass.
Text us at (567)698-8867 with any ASVAB questions!

ASVAB Math Tutor:
Coach Anderson

With a Master’s Degree in Math Education and Curriculum as well as over ten years of teaching experience, your tutor ASVAB Coach Anderson will be your go-to person for all Arithmetic Reasoning help and Math Knowledge help. Send him texts with problems you need help with!

Verbal Expression ASVAB Tutor:
Coach Sheena

Coach Sheena writes the Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge practice test questions and teaches them in the weekly classes. With a B.A. in English and extensive experience as an ASVAB test tutor, you'll be in good hands when you join her ASVAB tutoring classes. 

Proven ASVAB Study Material to Practice ASVAB Questions the Right Way

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No more confusing textbook solutions.
Each ASVAB Study Guide and Practice Test included in the program works hand in hand with our study plan: Watch. Practice. Master.
  • Choose a study guide for the ASVAB to see helpful test-taking strategies for each subtest.
  • When you're not sure what to study for the ASVAB, use a practice test to identify areas of weakness you'll want to master.
  • Then, use each ASVAB test prep course you'll have in the program to practice and raise your score the right way.

Use an ASVAB Study Guide for Each AFQT Subtest

The best ASVAB study guide is one that covers two main things: Test-taking strategies specific to each ASVAB subtest and visual step-by-step break downs of practice test problems similar to those on the actual test.

We have a study guide that does exactly that for each specific ASVAB AFQT test! After signing up for the program, start studying for the ASVAB by choosing an ASVAB test study guide.

ASVAB Study Guides included in the program: 
Study Guide for ASVAB (Basic Info and Score Breakdown)
ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Study Guide
Word Knowledge ASVAB Study Guide
ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Study Guide
ASVAB Math Knowledge Study Guide (Coming Soon)

ASVAB Math Basics Course

ASVAB Math Practice Course
Your ASVAB math study help starts here. The ASVAB Math Basics Course is a prerequisite for success on the ASVAB exam, specifically for ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning and ASVAB Math Knowledge practice test questions.

This course provides a solid foundation in basic numerical operations, including decimals, fractions, negative numbers, and more.

By mastering the concepts in this course before heading to the AR and MK Bootcamps, you will be equipped to tackle challenging word problems as well as algebraic and geometry concepts with confidence and ease.

ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test Questions

ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice
Your ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning score is all about crushing word problems that require you to apply arithmetic concepts like to real-world situations.

The Arithmetic Reasoning Bootcamp is essentially one big ASVAB Math study guide for Arithmetic Reasoning. Since the bootcamp includes plenty of recorded lessons, practice test questions, video solutions, and speed drills, you'll have all the resources you need for these types of questions you'll need in one convenient place.

ASVAB Math Knowledge Practice Test Questions

ASVAB Math Practice Course
Your ASVAB Math Knowledge score is based on how well you do with algebra and geometry focusing more on your knowledge of mathematical concepts.

Like the Arithmetic Reasoning Bootcamp, the Math Knowledge Bootcamp is also filled with lessons, practice test questions, video solutions, speed drills, and more to help you get more comfortable with questions that include MK topics you will be seeing on test day. 

ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test Questions

ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice
Take the guessing out of studying for the ASVAB Word Knowledge test!

No more memorizing ASVAB test questions and hoping to see them on the test. No more forgetting words you've studied by the time you get to test day.

Actually learn new words by using the best ASVAB prep course for growing your vocabulary: our Word Knowledge Bootcamp.

Each practice test question in the WK ASVAB course has feedback that includes definitions, synonyms, and example sentences for the question. 

ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Practice Test Questions

Paragraph Comprehension on ASVAB
Consider the Paragraph Comprehension Bootcamp your go-to ASVAB training course for all the different types of PC questions you may see on the ASVAB test. It allows you to practice answering test questions within the same allotted time as the actual test. After, you'll be able to review the strategy for each practice question with video solutions within the PC ASVAB online study course. 

ASVAB General Science Practice Test Questions

General Science ASVAB
Test and grow your knowledge of various science areas including geology, biology, anatomy, astronomy, and ecology in our ASVAB study course: the ASVAB General Science Boot Camp. With hundreds of practice ASVAB questions and feedback to go along with it, the Boot Camp makes ASVAB studying convenient and engaging. 

Extra ASVAB Practice Tests

ASVAB Practice Test
When it comes to math, ASVAB improvement courses are just one part of the equation. Our ASVAB Math Practice Tests are timed like the real deal to help you prepare with the added pressure you'll experience on test day. When you're short on time, these tests can be used as an ASVAB crash course for math. With video solutions for every problem, it's easy to learn from every mistake. 

ASVAB Math Course Dashboards

The most fun and convenient way to see your ASVAB math progress! The ASVAB Math Basics Course, ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Bootcamp and ASVAB Math Knowledge Bootcamp each have their own dashboards that update automatically once you pass each section. 

Plus, you'll get a progress report sent to you weekly so you can stay focused and excited every time you sit down to study.
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Whether you're Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, National Guard, or Coast Guard, we've got your back.

The wanted to Ace The ASVAB, and they did.
You're Next.

Brea R.
All-Access Student
June 2021
❗❗❗Its official❗❗❗ I swore into the US. Air Force❗❗❗ YEEERRRR 6 months ago I went to MEPS and got a 34 on my ASVAB, my recruiter didn't want me to swear in believing that I could get a better score. For someone being out of school for 7 yrs now and have been heavily invested within the working world going 7 days a week I was so blessed to bump into Anderson Duran! I personally was aiming for a 51 when I returned to redo the test. Today I am so ecstatic to say I ended up getting a 70 instead a whole 36 point jump! Mr. Duran (Coach) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You have no idea how grateful I am for you. To actually be someone that got my back, and took the time to explain math to a person that hated it for so long and can now say I comprehend mathematics!!! Thank you❤ #AceTheASVAB
Chandler M.
All-Access Student
June 2021
I’m officially sworn into the United States Army. For everyone struggling with passing the the ASVAB, I promise you that you will pass. I remember scoring a 26 and giving up instantly for a year. I tried again, and got a passing AFQT last month, but low line scores held me back, so I took it again yesterday and got a 35 AFQT, but with higher line scores. It took me 3 tries to pass, but now I finally passed and I leave for Army basic training in October. I promise all of you, if you look into the face of adversity, and tackle it head on, you will pass this test. Go in there and give it your all! I know you all will be sitting here soon! 🇺🇸
Ashely C.
Google Review
Nov 2021
I want to take the time to thank Duran Learning!! I am an E5 in the Navy and had been looking into cross-rating(change jobs). My ASVAB line scores did not allow me to qualify but I am proud to say that today I retook my ASVAB and finally qualified! If you would like tips let me know and I can share how I did my study sessions. From 39 to 67!!!

All Plans Include:

Monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and Full Year options available below
  • Live group tutoring classes (Zoom, 3x per week*)
  • Recordings available next day and 500+ past recordings
  • Math Basics Course
  • Arithmetic Reasoning Bootcamp
  • Word Knowledge Bootcamp
  • Paragraph Comprehension Bootcamp
  • General Science Bootcamp
  • Text or Email Coach any time with Questions
  • Receive weekly Progress Reports
  • Track your growth with progress dashboards
  • Monthly ASVAB Challenges
  • 15+ practice tests available with step-by-step solutions


Pass as quickly as possible
$5 per class
Payments once a month

Automatically billed every month - Cancel whenever

3 Month Plan

Got time to study consistently?
Pay up front and save!  

$180 $147
18% savings
One-Time Payment

6 Month Plan

Take your time and raise your score!
$360 $237
34% savings
One-Time Payment

Full Year

Pay one more month, and get the rest of the year for free!
$720 $297*
59% savings
One-Time Payment

*Best Deal

Frequently asked questions

General Questions About the All-Access ASVAB Program

What ASVAB subjects does the ASVAB All-Access Program cover? 
As of January 2023: 
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Math Knowledge
  • Word Knowledge
  • Paragraph Comprehension
  • General Science
How long should I use the program? 
  • Everyone is different. While most students pass and get the scores they want in 2-4 months (recommended), it is possible to take less or more time depending on how consistent you are.
What's the difference between the monthly and year package? 
  • They both provide the same access to all resources on the website. However, the year package includes all new upcoming courses for free, where the monthly subscription will need to be upgraded if you want any new courses that are released. 
Which is better: The Monthly Subscription or Year Package? 
  • To make it easy: 
    If you want to pass as quickly as possible: Monthly subscription
    If you want to get the highest score you can and get a specific job: Year Package
Is there a contract for the monthly subscription? 
  • No. You can cancel at any time. 
Do I have to wait until next month after I sign up to start the classes? 
  • No. You can join any scheduled class after you sign up. 
How do I cancel my subscription? 
  • You can cancel at any time before the renewal date. You just need to log into your account and click "Cancel Subscription." You may also email/text Anderson before your renewal date and we can take care of it for you. 
Do you offer refunds? 
  • Refunds are not offered for forgetting to cancel a subscription. We send a reminder close to your first renewal, but please remember it is your responsibility to cancel when you do not wish to be in the program anymore.
  • All other refund requests are handled on a per case basis. Contact Anderson if you have any questions.

Questions About the Live Classes

When are the classes held? 
How do I join the classes? 
There two main ways to join the classes: 
  1. By checking your email 2 hours before the start of every class. It will have the Zoom link. 
  2. Check the Group Tutoring Pass course in your account. It is always updated with the next class's Zoom link.

*Either way, make sure you check the schedule and set reminders for upcoming classes.
How do I know what time the class is for me if I live in a different timezone? 
  • In the schedule (click here) we note what time that is for most common timezones in the United States.
  • Do you need help figuring out what time that is for you? Text Coach Anderson (833)-321-0182 or email him:
How long are the classes? 
  • Classes are 2 hours long
Do I have to use the mic or camera? 
  • Nope! Mic and camera are 100% optional.
  • It is recommended that you at least use the chat box to participate. 
Can I ask questions in class? 
  • Absolutely. The goal is for you to raise your score, and asking questions is the main way to get there. Even if you need something repeated or shown in a different way, you should always ask. 
How do I get the recordings? 
  • The recordings are available the day after class. They are organized in your account under the "Group Tutoring Pass" course after you sign up. You will also find every class that Anderson has done there (over 400 classes).

Questions About Your Tutor ASVAB Coach Anderson

What are Anderson's qualifications? 
  • Anderson holds a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Central Florida.
  • He previously taught teachers to help them obtain their certifications.
  • In addition, he has extensive experience tutoring and teaching for the following exams: ASVAB, FTCE, PRAXIS, SAT, and GRE
How can I reach out to Coach Anderson? 
  • You can reach Anderson in the following ways: text/call, email, Facebook, Instagram
  • Text: (567)698-8867
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Duran Learning
  • Instagram: @DoMoreWithDuran
Can I get one-on-one tutoring with Coach Anderson? 
  • To keep it fair to the 500+ students he teaches, one-on-one tutoring is not provided at this time. We spend the majority of our time making more videos and content to help all students. However, it is possible that one-on-one tutoring will be available in the future. 

Have questions? 
We've got your back. 

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