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Do any of these ASVAB headaches sound familiar? 

"I get really bad test anxiety"

"There's too many formulas and vocabulary to memorize"

"I blank out on word problems"

"I feel like I'm studying alone"

"I'm a 'slow' reader"

"English is my second language"

You deserve to score your best, but some of these could be holding you back. Sign up now and get rid of the ASVAB stress!

#AceTheASVAB with Duran Learning

Live Classes

Live classes are available to you so you can learn, ask questions, and practice with an ASVAB coach.

Self-Paced Practice

Between classes, keep building your confidence with easy-to-use resources. Learn the right way with video solutions to most practice problems.

Match Your Learning Style

With group tutoring, practice tests, practice packs, and a math bootcamp available, anyone can find the right tool for them. Bundle them all and save BIG!

Support and Motivation

Your ASVAB Coach supports you by sending you tips and motivation while you're enrolled. It's like having a teacher, mentor, and life coach all-in-one.

Expert Instruction

Anderson, your ASVAB Coach, is described as "the teacher you wish you had when your were in school." Scroll down to see why.

Affordable and Excellent

Why should you have to pay tons of money to serve your country? Our ASVAB resources are the best, and so are our prices. 
Meet the answer to your ASVAB headaches.

Anderson Duran, MEd

Your ASVAB Coach

Wouldn't it be nice to have an ASVAB coach who has your back until you pass? 

Anderson's mission is to help you get the score you want, and the military job you deserve. With a master's degree in Math Education, he has dedicated his career to helping others succeed. It's often said that he's "the teacher you wish you had in school" and he backs it up every day. Currently, he teaches teachers, college graduate students, and you're up next. Sign up now to get rid of your ASVAB headaches and raise your score!
Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.

It's all smiles once you

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I just passed the ASVAB! After only a month of Duran Learning I went up 33 POINTS from my first test! Thank you Anderson! He is the real deal!

- Keri G. 

I passed my ASVAB with an 82! Ya'll I've been working so hard studying for 4 months. This was my dream since 2017. From failing back to back scoring 20s to an 82! Big thanks to Anderson for keeping faith in me, don't know what I would've done without joining his class.

- Jhazeray D. 

Over the past month with Mr. Duran I can honestly say my math skills and confidence has gone through the roof! He makes everything so simple and easy! I can proudly say now for the first time I’m very ready for the ASVAB and looking forward to testing!

- Zak L. 

The 3 Steps to ASVAB Success

Do these and you're on the way to your best score.

#1 Pick your resource

Become a more confident test-taker with any of our resources. They include: 

  • Live Classes
  • Recorded Lessons
  • Self-Paced Practice
  • Video Solutions
  • and more! 

#2 Use it consistently

You can learn anywhere, anytime. That means all you have to do is put in the time because we already put in the work to make sure you learn easily. Plus, you can always reach out for ASVAB advice as long as you're enrolled.

#3 Raise your score

We'll take you from where you are, to where you need to be. From the basics to advanced practice, you'll see how great it feels to raise your score confidently. 
Avoid retakes, test anxiety, and blanking out on test day..

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