ASVAB Word Knowledge Study Guide

Nov 10 / Arsheena Mohamed and Anderson Duran
Do you feel like the ASVAB Word Knowledge subtest is a game of chance? Almost like you have to get lucky with the words you get on the test? 

The truth is that there's more to it! You can pass the Word Knowledge test by using the strategies we outline in this study guide! 

Preparing doesn’t mean knowing the exact words that will be on the ASVAB or memorizing an ASVAB word knowledge list. It's about knowing how the test is built

We’re going to cover:

ASVAB Word Knowledge Strategy

How Many Word Knowledge Questions are on the ASVAB?

In short, there are 16 questions.  

Here’s what matters though. You only have 8 minutes to complete all 16 questions. Do the math, and that’s just 30 seconds per question.

No worries though! Using the following strategies, you’ll have more than enough time to complete all 16 questions.

How to Study for the ASVAB Word Knowledge Subtest

Three Steps to Learning Any New Word: 

  1. Definition (Can I define it?)
  2. Synonyms (Do I know any other words that mean the same thing?)
  3. Sentences (Can I use it in MULTIPLE sentences?)  

When it comes to learning new words, a lot of people try to memorize a list of common ASVAB words and their definitions but don’t really understand what those words mean. That’s because if you are not actually using the words that you want to learn, you probably won't remember them after a couple of days. Following this strategy will help you avoid memorizing and forgetting words you want to know for the test.

Again, it's: 
  1. Definition (Can I define it?)
  1. Synonyms (Do I know any other words that mean the same thing?)
  2. Sentences (Can I use it in MULTIPLE sentences?)

Check out our ASVAB Quizlet sets on Word Knowledge below for practice.  

Of course, when it comes to actually taking the Word Knowledge subtest, you are most likely not going to know all those words you encounter. That's ok! 

This is where guessing strategies come in and you’ll have to recognize prefixes, and suffixes of your ASVAB practice words. For that, check out our Quizlet covering ASVAB Prefixes and Suffixes below.

Words to Study for the ASVAB

Two words: COMMON WORDS  

The best practice words are common words. What are common words?

Common words are not words that “everybody should know.” Instead, the common words you’ll want to use for your ASVAB word knowledge practice are common words in everyday English culture.

They are words that sound familiar as you may have heard them while watching the news or reading a book, but you may not actually be able to define that word or use it in your own sentence.  

Those are the types of words you should be focusing on: common words.

We’ve put together our own list of common ASVAB words for you to study using our Word Knowledge ASVAB Quizlet set below.

We also recommend you download a free app for extra word knowledge practice:

Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh
(Available both in the App Store and Google Play Store) 

The app logo looks like this: 
Logo for Vocabulary Builder App by Magoosh (Free App Available on All Devices)

ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test (Free)

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ASVAB Word Knowledge Quizlet

ASVAB Word Knowledge Quizlet Set:
Common Words

ASVAB Prefixes and Suffixes

Word Knowledge Quizlet Set:

Word Knowledge Quizlet Set:


So that's the complete guide to studying vocabulary for the Word Knowledge test.

For EVERY word that you come across while you study, make sure to: 
1. Define it
2. List synonyms
3. Use it in multiple sentences

Essentially, this will help you remember new words by actually understanding them and not just "memorizing and hoping for the best." 

And for words that are unfamiliar while you're taking the Word Knowledge subtest, you can try to hack them by recognizing prefixes and suffixes. 

With all that said, how are you going to change how you study for the ASVAB Word Knowledge? 

Tell Coach Anderson what you think!
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