What Jobs Do I Qualify for with My ASVAB Score?

Jul 13 / Arsheena Mohamed
The ASVAB is super important to crush if you want to start your military career out strong. ASVAB scores tell us whether or not you’re able to begin the enlistment process with the military but many don’t realize that your ASVAB score also plays a huge part in what jobs you qualify for.

In this guide, we’ll cover

What's a Good ASVAB Score and How it Affects Your Job Prospects

A good ASVAB score is one that qualifies you for the job you want. To give yourself a good range of job placements to choose from when starting your military career, it is ideal to score as high as you can when you take the ASVAB.

ASVAB scores range from a 1 to a 99 percentile. (A percentile score represents the percentage of test-takers who scored below you. For example, if your ASVAB score is 65, that means you scored higher than 65% of the other test-takers.) The average ASVAB score is around 50 but the minimum score needed to enlist will depend on the branch. 

Exceeding the minimum ASVAB score means more job placement opportunities and potential enlistment bonuses. Scoring lower will limit the range in jobs you can choose from because certain jobs require specific line scores depending on the requirements of the role. 


It's important to note the key differences in ASVAB scores when reading your ASVAB test results. A standard ASVAB score describes your percentile score for each of the following subjects, from 1 to 99:

General Science (GS) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
Word Knowledge (WK) Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
Mathematics Knowledge (MK) Electronics Information (EI)
Auto and Shop Information (AS) Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
Assembling Objects (AO) *New: Coding Speed (CS)

(source: www.military.com)

Composite scores, or line scores, combine different standard scores together to let you know what jobs you qualify for. There are 10 composite scores that you’ll receive, and here’s what each of them stand for:

Clerical (CL)  WK + PC +  AR +  MK
Combat (CO) WK + PC + AS + MC
Electronics (EL)  GS + AR + MK + EI
Field Artillery (FA)  AR + MK + MC
General Maintenance (GM) GS + AS + MK + EI
General Technical (GT) WK + PC + AR
Mechanical maintenance (MM)  AS + MC + EI
Operators and Food (OF) WK + PC + AS + MC
Surveillance and Communications (SC)  WK + PC + AR + AS + MC
Skilled technical (ST)  WK + PC + GS + MC + MK

(source: www.military.com)

ASVAB Scores and Branch Requirements

Each branch has their own minimum ASVAB score required for enlistment eligibility. And each branch has their own collection of composite score minimums required for each job placement.

Here's a breakdown of each branch's minimum score requirements and an idea of what line scores you'll need to meet to be eligible for specific jobs.

Army ASVAB Scores and Army Job Opportunities

The Army requires a minimum ASVAB score of 31. Scoring higher on the ASVAB opens up the chance for job placements in intelligence analysts, medical specialists, or avionic mechanics.

Use these tables to understand the following Army MOS score breakdowns.
Click here to explore more jobs and note the score requirements.
Human Resources Specialist GT 100 + CL 90
Culinary Specialist OF 85
Intelligence Analyst ST 101
Combat Medic SpecialistGT 107 + ST 101
Avionic Mechanic EL 93

(source: www.goarmy.com)

Navy ASVAB Scores and Navy Job Opportunities

To join the Navy, you’ll need a minimum ASVAB score of 35. Higher ASVAB scores can land you a job in nuclear power, aviation, or information technology.

Use these tables to understand the Navy NEC score breakdowns.
Click here to explore more jobs and note the score requirements.
Logistic Specialist GT 102
Missile Technician EL 222 or GT + MK + MC (222)
Information Systems Technician AR+MK+GS (222) or EL  222
Navy DiverGT 103 + MC 51
Airman AR + AS + MK + WK + PC (185)

(source: www.military.com)

Air Force ASVAB Scores and Air Force Job Opportunities

The Air Force requires a minimum ASVAB score of 36. Positions in the Air Force you may aim for could be aircraft maintenance, space systems operations, and cyber warfare operations.

Because Air Force jobs are broken down a bit differently, use this table to understand the following Air Force AFSC score breakdowns
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General (G) WK + PC + AR
Mechanical (M)  AR + AS + MC + PC + WK
Administrative (A) WK + PC + MK
Electronics (E)  AR + EI + GS + MK

(source: www.airforce.com/asvab)

Air Force Specialty Codes
Ground Transportation M40
Fight Attendant A50
Paralegal G51
Aircraft Elec. and Env. SystemsM41 + E61
Cyber Systems Operations G64

(source: www.airforce.com/asvab)

Marine ASVAB Scores and Marine Job Opportunities

You’ll need a minimum ASVAB score of 32 to join the Marines. With a higher score, you may qualify for jobs in aviation, communications, or infantry.

Use these tables to understand the following Marine Corps MOS score breakdowns. 
Click here to explore more jobs and note score requirements.
Postal Clerk CL 100
Scout Sniper GT 100
Aviation Comm. Systems Technician EL 115
Helicopter Crew ChiefMM 105
Artillery Electronic Technicians EL 115

(source: www.military.com)

Coast Guard and National Guard ASVAB Scores

The minimum ASVAB score for joining the Coast Guard is 40. The National Guard requirements vary depending on your location but the typical requirement is 31. 

Use these tables to understand the following National Guard score breakdowns.
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to explore more jobs and note score requirements for the Coast Guard. 

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to explore more jobs and note score requirements for the National Guard.
Quarrying Specialist GM 93
Watercraft Operator MM 99
Parachute Rigger GM 88 + CO 87
Cyber Network DefenderGT 105 + ST 105
Financial Management Technician CL 101

(source: www.military.com)

ASVAB Study Materials

8 out of 10 people fail the ASVAB on their first try.

Don’t let that be you. To increase your ASVAB scores, preparation is key. The right ASVAB study guides and materials can help you easily understand the test format, identify areas for improvement, and practice with ASVAB practice test questions.

Check out the following resources below that have helped former ASVAB students get the scores they want and the military jobs they deserve. 

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I hope you have a better understanding of how ASVAB scores are determined and how they can affect your military enlistment and career. Remember that each military branch has its own set of requirements, minimum scores for enlistment, and specific formulas for calculating line scores. A high ASVAB score not only opens the door to a wide range of job opportunities but also sets you up with a strong start to your military career.

Which military branch and job are you most interested in pursuing, and how has your ASVAB score impacted your decision?

For more ASVAB knowledge and test-taking tips, check out our other blog posts! 

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