ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Bootcamp (BETA)

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Included Topics and Features
  • Inferencing Factual Questions
  • Next Sentence Questions
  • Tone Questions
  • Quote Questions
  • Sequence of Events Questions
  • All Unique Questions!
Course overview
Practice like the real deal with clear feedback to get the score you want.
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Course Information
Practice test-level questions with feedback for each answer, making it easy to gain confidence after each problem. 

  • 60+ unique passages
  • Test-level practice
  • Feedback for each answer choice
  • Free Updates

What's included?

  • 5 Passage Types
  • Reliable Feedback
  • 60 Questions
  • Free Updates
  • ASVAB Coach Support

Maximize Your Score

With feedback for every question, you'll be in the best position by understanding the reasons for each right and wrong answer instead of "memorizing." 

Proven Strategies

You won't have to hope for the best anymore. We'll teach you step-by-step strategies you can apply to each type of question so you can select the correct answer with confidence.  

Course Lessons

Meet the Team

Anderson Duran

Anderson provides the feedback for each of the questions you'll see, making it easy to understand why each problem is right or wrong. 

Arsheena Mohamed

Curriculum Assistant 
Arsheena is the brains behind every question in the Bootcamp! She works hard to make sure you have enough passages and questions to learn from, and there are plenty more coming!