ASVAB Practice Pack 2&3 Bundle

Get test-level practice without the pressure. Includes videos or feedback to all problems so you can gain confidence as you go. 

What Makes Practice Packs Great?

Basically, a practice pack is just like a practice test... except you're not being timed and you get to watch videos for the AR, MK, and PC questions. That way, you can grow confidence immediately after each question. 

Refresh and Grow

Practice Packs are perfect if you're testing soon or just starting out. With test-level practice, you'll understand the exact areas you need to work on moving forward. 

Video Solutions

Not only do you get test-level practice, but you get to watch videos for each problem as you go! *Word Knowledge is the only exception, but you still get the definition of the words after each problem! 

Extra Tips and Strategies

We don't just go over the problems. In each video, we go over the topic it's from, plus any useful tips and tricks you can use moving forward. 

110 Total Questions

You'll get a total of 30 AR, 30 MK, 20 PC, and 30 WK practice questions. With video solutions on top of that, you have the perfect way to accelerate your growth. 

ASVAB Practice Pack 2&3 Bundle

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